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Inspiring Jewish Pride and Identity and Jewish children - the future of Judaism.

About Cteens

CTeen is a program designed to reach the teenager during the metamorphosis between childhood and adulthood. Comprehensive programming with a focus on social, education, and humanitarian projects, join the teens together in a society that nurtures the soul and inspires the individual. Interactive hands-on crafts, stimulating discussions, and Video presentations engage the teens in an enlightening, inspiring, fun and meaningful way. They begin to see the world around them through the Torah’s perspective, learning Jewish values in an intuitive and creative way.


Cteen also brings the teens together through the annual NY Shabbaton and through various regional trips throughout the year which has a profound effect on the teens sense of Jewish identity and belonging. Through local chapter programming events and customized online social networking, the teens becomes part of a single dynamic entity – The Cteen Network.  


CTeen helps produce a transformation from the reflection of “who am I” into a solid character built on values, virtue, and character. This solid Jewish foundation outfits the teen with the capacity to make better choices as he grows to adulthood.


The purpose of CTeen is to make these programs accessible for every Jewish teenager, to create an environment that consequentially builds a virtuous teenager, to make them aware of their Jewishness, and lend this knowledge as the cornerstone of their development.

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