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Our mission is to make the richness of our Jewish heritage accessible to every Jewish child, regardless of his or her background or education. Through meaningful experiences and a joyful approach to our traditions, we aim to inspire within our students a love for learning about Judaism, and to develop a strong Jewish identity and commitment to using Torah values as a guide for meaningful and productive living.


We believe that real learning happens beyond the traditional textbook style of imparting information; a child really learns through engaging with the subject with all of one's senses and emotions. At Chabad, the children don't simply learn about Shabbat, rather, they experience Shabbat - they prepare for and celebrate a real Shabbat.

Our curriculum is developed using a hands-on, minds-on and souls-on approach, with age appropriate standards of knowledge and skills. A great deal of thought and planning is put into the preparation of materials, lessons and projects to ensure that what is gained each week is relevant, meaningful and lasting.

Jewish Discovery Zone takes place at 919 University Drive on Sundays 10:00am to 12:00pm

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